Putting the Happy in Hanukkah: 2H Hanukkah Style

Deb's Ultimate Happy Hour


I’m sad I can’t have a tree.  It’s always been a thing.  No trees with ornaments, no pretty colored lights or stockings stuffed with socks and candy.  I suppose I could deck the halls with silver and blue or decorate my plant “Duster”…but then I would have to store said decorations post holiday and that would be an impossibility. More shoes trump breakable once-a-year ornaments any day.

…Decorations aside, Hanukkah rocks! An Adam Sandler song AND 8 days of presents!  I LOVE presents!hanuka13

Hanukkah or Christmas, J’adore the holidays!  The chill in the air, the scent of fireplaces and the possibility of snow, trees lit up in windows, holiday bazaars in every park.   I relish drinking mulled wine with friends in warm bars and deciding to go ice-skating then chickening out.  This is by far my favorite time of year.  So why not celebrate as much and as long as I…

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World’s biggest Menorah is in NYC!

Testing NYC

World’s biggest Menorah is in New York City. That’s right, it is outside Central Park, on 5th Avenue and East 59th Street. If you don’t know what a Menorah is (I am not Jewish so I had no idea before I moved to the City; I had only seen it on Friends, in the episode “The one with the Black Out”, but still, I didn’t know it was called ‘menorah’).  I also posted something relevant the other day on Facebook (link).

Anyhoo, Central Park’s Menorah is 32 feet tall and 4,000-pounds. The organizers needed a construction crane to reach the very top. The giant Menorah was lit this Saturday (December 8th, 2012) in celebration of the first night of Hanukkah.

The photo of the Menorah above is taken from The Official Blog of Park West Gallery.

– Testing NYC

If you go, let me know!

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Simple and Heartfelt | Matzo Ball Soup

Persephone's Kitchen

Matzo Ball SoupSometimes, you just want soup. When it’s rainy (no snow?) and cold and dreary and grey, you need something that says, “Bubbala, where are your mittens?”

This fantastic soup is something that anyone can make, with the most simple of ingredients.  And it’s pretty much the single most biggest bang for your buck kind of thing you can make.  People love it.  It’s funny like that.  Because you say to yourself, “Really?  This is that good?”

But it is.  You might even get a bit greedy for the leftovers.  But then, you won’t, because you know better and because this is wonderful to share.  Because the leftovers are even better.  And this, in the season of giving is a wonderful thing to give: warming, comforting and 98% love by volume.

This particular recipe/method uses every possible bit of the soup, even the fat that you skim off the top of…

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Having a (Matzo) Ball

Stay Rad

It’s Hanukkah, y’all!

I love me some Jewish food.

I don’t eat it that often, but I love it.

The other night, I decided to cook some up, and show Kara how to celebrate right…

To go with this holiday feast, we had to have some wine…

This is a Riesling based white blend that is a little on the sweet, apple juice side of delicious, but it’s the perfect compliment to the Latkes.  I picked it up for $11 at BevMo.  You may want to try it out the next time you’re doing a salty/savory dish.  The sweetness and acidity do just the trick to liven up the food.

Happy Holidays, Everybody!

Stay Rad,


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