Putting the Happy in Hanukkah: 2H Hanukkah Style

Deb's Ultimate Happy Hour


I’m sad I can’t have a tree.  It’s always been a thing.  No trees with ornaments, no pretty colored lights or stockings stuffed with socks and candy.  I suppose I could deck the halls with silver and blue or decorate my plant “Duster”…but then I would have to store said decorations post holiday and that would be an impossibility. More shoes trump breakable once-a-year ornaments any day.

…Decorations aside, Hanukkah rocks! An Adam Sandler song AND 8 days of presents!  I LOVE presents!hanuka13

Hanukkah or Christmas, J’adore the holidays!  The chill in the air, the scent of fireplaces and the possibility of snow, trees lit up in windows, holiday bazaars in every park.   I relish drinking mulled wine with friends in warm bars and deciding to go ice-skating then chickening out.  This is by far my favorite time of year.  So why not celebrate as much and as long as I…

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